Enrico Biagini

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PhD thesis in Chemical Engineering

Energy and Material Recovery by Thermal Treatments
of Biomasses and Wastes
(co-combustion, pyrolysis and gasification)

Author: Enrico Biagini

Supervisor: Prof. Leonardo Tognotti

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Materiale didattico
Dispense Combustione Eterogenea

Corso di Laurea Specialistica in Ingegneria Chimica (2░ anno)
e Ingegneria Energetica (1░ e 2░ anno)

dispense elaborate da Biagini, Tognotti

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open / download combustibili solidi .pdf (1.34) MB
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open / download combustione stazionaria .pdf (4.06) MB
open / download esempio bruciatore .pdf (1.60) MB
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open / download processi energetici alternativi .pdf (1.43) MB

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